“The wilderness holds answers to questions man has not yet learned to ask.”
– Nancy Newhall

Outdoor Life

Here in the West (and most of the modern world) we are born into a super fast paced culture that thrives off of man made laws. We are bred to believe that “accomplishment” and “success” are equal to social status and how much we have. Many of us find ourselves thrown onto a treadmill that is a never-ending wheel of MORE. The result of this treadmill is, very often, long hours behind a screen trying to meet deadlines and quotas. When is enough, enough?   

We believe that the nature of life is increased happiness and growth far beyond monetary resolve and that exercise and getting outdoors is vital to achieving this.

Camp Climb Cook is dedicated to providing inspiration and insight aimed at the outdoor life. Inspiration that leads to not only achieving things, but experiences. It is these experiences that can only be measured with memory and the feeling one gets when they are re-counted.

We have been camping our entire lives–and absolutely love it! The benefits are many, so get out there and enjoy 🙂

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Rock climbing stole both of our hearts about 10 years ago. What a great way to enjoy nature AND stay super focused AND get exercise!

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The cook section on camp. climb. cook. is really dedicated to health. Our intention with this section is to offer health tips, recipes, kitchen hacks and more.

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Who is Behind Camp Climb Cook?

Eric Carter-Spurio

Eric Carter-Spurio and Rachel Carter are soul connected siblings and were inspired to create Camp Climb Cook when the COVID -19 pandemic struck the globe. It was clear that to them, at this point that they wanted to create something meaningful and inspire themselves and others to get back to the simplicity of nature.

Check “Our Story” for more info.

Rachel Carter

Rachel currently resides in the Reno Tahoe area, but grew up going back and forth between Los Angeles to Reno/Tahoe. She is a wild roaming soul that has a hard time staying in one place for too long. Exploring new places and cultures is her absolute favorite thing to do.

Creativity flows through her veins, with a deep love for photography and content creation. Capturing memories through all her adventures and showing it to the world is her ultimate goal.

She found her love for climbing 5 years ago and makes it her mission to continue to grow her knowledge and expertise. Camping, climbing, and cooking takes up most of her extracurricular activities in her everyday life, which inspired the desire for this endeavor with her brother, Eric. If you want to get in touch with Rachel please feel free to do so via the Contact page.

Rachel Carter Rock Climbing

Eric Carter-Spurio

Eric Carter-Spurio lives in Asheville, North Carolina with his wife and son and enjoys spending as much time as possible in the outdoors. He absolutely loves fly fishing for trout all over the country and that has always been an activity that helps him explore different locations he lives or visits.

He got into rock climbing around 2003 when some of his wildland fire crew encouraged him on the Plumas National Forest. It was all uphill from there 🙂

Some of his favorite outdoor activities are fly fishing, snowboarding, hiking and camping with his family. He also loves to get to the beach (ANY BEACH) a couple times per year.

One of the driving forces that motivates Eric to work on Camp, Climb, Cook is a desire to inspire people to get outside. If you wish to get in touch with Eric please feel free to do so via the Contact page.


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